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You can blog about anything that falls under the mindful life—living a good life that happens to be with good for others, and our planet. Eating 165-330 pounds of food a day, an elephant can clear thick brush into open savannah in no time, creating an open habitat for other animals. vocabulary: in order to spread the good word beyond the close community, from the choir to the masses, make sure new terms are linked back to elephant articles, or if an elephant article on the topic does not show up in your search, link. Evidence of this genetic deterioration can be seen in elephant tusks, which are gradually becoming smaller. Box of Smells from, expressive writing: foundations of Practice by kathleen Adams. You provide the content. At the rate that poachers are killing these innocent animal the entire species of elephants will be extinct in the year 2030! For School Students - publish your Articles

Our mission: to share the good word beyond our. Elephant Essay in English. Simple essay on Elephant in english for kids. About, elephants, i write about elephants Short Paragraph on, elephant - important India Elephant for Children and Students

write about elephant

is supported on four strong pillar-like legs. Submit a story write what you know. As independent media, we re created by and for our readers.

We have used elephants to our advantage for more than 2,000 years. Acceptance, payment rights (Oh my we cant pay per article. Many attempts have been made to stamp out poaching in African game reserves, but law enforcement has proved extremely difficult. With only 2 elephant species left out of 600, the danger of extinction is imminent. Instead, try to think/write in terms of we and essay us, which unifies the reader and writer. In case study 483 they author writes during the 1970s and 1980s elephant poaching had included about.3 million elephants killed for their tusks. We may not be able to respond to or publish your work immediately, but we do our best to have our readers and community voices heard. credit a photo like this: Photo: name (Again, make sure to use non-copyrighted images found through photo sharing sites like unsplash, Flickr Creative commons, or wikimedia) always italicize and explain first use of foreign (Sanskrit, etc.) word. Online sources for Generating Ideas in a creative writing Class. Elephant for Students in English

  • Write about elephant
  • The scientific name for an African.
  • The elephant is perhaps the strongest and biggest animal on earth.
  • It is very intelligent and obedient.
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Elephant - important India

The largest elephant recorded was one shot in Angola, study 1974. It weighed 27,060 pounds (13.5 tons) and stood 13 feet.

Elephants are mammals as well as herbivores, meaning they only eat plants rather than meat. Humans have always taken advantage of the incredible strength and endurance of elephants. Twenty eight percent of all tourist come to see the elephants. An elephant has 150,000 muscle units in its trunk, can swim long distances without tiring, walks almost silently despite weighing about 7 tons, can travel up to 6,000 miles in a year while searching for food, and can live 60 years. Some biologists believe that if elephant numbers continue to drop, it will soon be impossible to save the species. But were asking them to care. Query guidelines: Submit your article via our submit form.

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  • Click here for more animal facts. Elephants for Kids: learn about the biggest land animal
  • There are two types of elephants, asian, elephants and African, elephants. Elephant - simple English wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Submit a story, write what you know. As independent media, were created by and for our readers. Our mission: to share the good word beyond our. Elephant in the Playroom: Ordinary parents, write, intimately and Honestly About raising Kids with Special n eeds Denise Brodey. Videos, blog, articles on 'the mindful life organics, Ecofashion, buddhism, conscious Consumerism, Education, Arts, wellness, Adventure.

write about elephant

They write one or more paragraphs to go along with that first idea. The butterphant is a recently discovered species that was found in the plains of Africa by zoologist Jared Smith,48. i was following a pride of lions, said. Elephant s trunk is their most versatile appendage. Elephants use their long trunks to pick up food as small as a blade of grass, but also to pull down. Elephants are the largest living land mammals.

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Elephants : Printable Writing Prompt Worksheets. I came across a baby elephant and her mother!

Carrying outdated World War ii rifles, the rangers are no match for ruthless poachers with ak-17s, who have been known to kill rangers, local farmers, and even tourists to avoid capture. What do they look like? The park officials did not want to kill the young elephants, but they could not afford to have any more rhinos slaughtered. How to cite this Page, mla citation: "Elephants.". Indian elephant - the Indian, or Asian, elephant is smaller life than the African elephant and has smaller ears. Fun Facts About Elephants, an elephant's skin can be up to one inch thick, but it is also very sensitive. start a new sentence only one space after a period, not two. speaking of links, (generally, not always) search on ele before linking outside. Criminals in a "Gang of Eight" nations conduct this lucrative trade: ivory is smuggled out of Kenya, tanzania, and Uganda through middlemen in vietnam, malaysia, and the Philippines, and then smuggled into China and Thailand. m dashes are —, not. Several tree species rely almost solely on elephants to scatter their seeds. Africa is incredibly hot and is not the most intriguing place to go on your vacation.

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      We have provided below essay on elephant in two categories short essay on elephant and long essay on elephant. Essays and paragraphs writing are the basic.

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      It is a huge animal and its. Elephant is a largest herbivorous animal on the earth. It lives in the forest and famous for its long trunk, large ear and big body.

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      Elephant is on the biggest land animal found on earth. It is a wild animal but after giving training it, becomes a useful animal for man.

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      I write about elephants. I write about other things, too.

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